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Jul. 25th, 2017 08:54 pm[personal profile] thanate
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This article is mostly about addressing archaeology as a continuation of the cultures of native populations instead of ignoring the people who live there to "discover" things the locals already know. (Not an issue I ever dealt with, given that most of the sites I dug up were from displaced or otherwise no longer local people on a much shorter timescale.) But it took me weeks to read it because I kept having to stop and glory in this bit at the beginning:

As we were eating, Don Cipriano, the oldest of the Pech and an expert on the region’s archaeological sites and forests, asked if I had heard the lost city legend—the one about La Ciudad Blanca, or the White City. “I have heard the stories,” I said. Everyone in the region has heard them.

“It’s nearby,” he told me. “Just up this river, up on top of a hill.” I asked him if we should go see it. He told me we couldn’t. The site was sacred, he explained, and was the refuge of Indigenous gods who had fled when the Europeans had arrived nearly 500 years earlier. There were gods from all seven Indigenous groups, and if you went there and couldn’t speak to each one, they wouldn’t allow you to leave, he added. You needed to know all seven Indigenous languages, and nobody knew them all—not even him.

If that's not a writing prompt, I don't know what is.

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"Aloha oi oi oi?"
"How about a nice Hawaiian punk?"

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Because everyone cares about my culinary adventures: Read more... )

Unexpectedly Good Media

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A truly excellent webcomic just finished 17776, which is ostensibly about the future of football, but is more truly about the meaning of life, immortality, and the nature of play. It's exceedingly well done SF, and I highly recommend it (despite my knowledge of and interest in football being quite low indeed). I'm told it has similarities with the web comic Homestuck, but I bounced off that hard, and I love this, in part because instead of going really slowly, it's fast paced and encompassed only 2 weeks or so of daily updates, rather than multiple years.

Here's IO9's discussion of it, which is very good, but I think diving right in is better.

Also, Here's a link to both an article about and the trailer for the new A Wrinkle in Time movie, coming out next March (2018). It looks exceedingly good, and much different from all previous versions I've heard of, but actively avoided.

The 2004 ABC movie (which I heard was impressively dreadful) is responsible for one of the best quotes I've ever heard from an author about an adaptation of their book:
When (L'Engle was) asked if the recent ABC movie of A Wrinkle in Time met her expectations: “Oh, yes. I expected it to be bad, and it is."
Watch the trailer, this one looks to be very different indeed, and unless I hear very much otherwise, I'll be seeing it.

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The asbestos abatement guys showed up promptly at 8 AM to rip the old vinyl flooring and whatever else they did out of our second bathroom. (This is after a plumbing collapse just outside the wall of the house last September that backed up into both bathrooms, and then endless jousting with AAA over exactly what was to be done and who would pay what blah blah blah. The master bath was done in June.) The upshot of this is that I have now had breakfast, two mugs of tea, run the dishwasher, and read all my internet and it's still not even noon. What do??


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